Digital Signage

Digital signage is changing how organizations display dynamic content.  Whether, displaying a mall directory with featured promotions, a golf course map displaying leaderboards or a store showcasing the latest sale on the hottest new products, Nirmal Expert Solutions has you covered.

Nirmal Expert Solutions has teamed up with industry-leading technology and software partner to offer one of the most advanced digital signage offerings in India.

Our interactive digital signage solutions include:
- Wayfinding
- Meeting / Scheduling
- Point of sale systems (POS)
- Room Displays
- Interactive Mirror displays
- Charging Stations
- Hospital patient record systems
- Golf Course (map, keep track of scores, handicap, etc)
- Restaurant menus / ordering displays / kiosks
- Directories for busy places
- Event registration systems
- Photo booths (weddings, corporate events, etc)
- Interactive tradeshow displays
- Touchscreen devices
- Printers
- Barcode scanners
- Payment system integration
- And more

Our offering includes software that enables you to have control over any of your digital signs at any given time remotely via the web or smartphone.  You’re in control!

We build customer experiences designed to increase engagement, reduce costs and create an experience your customers won’t forget.