Barcode technology is a proven solution for an endless array of operation from Healthcare to education. A Barcode has widely used technology for cutting cost and saving time. With only some basic printing equipment and a readily available barcode scanner, businesses can use barcode technology to improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency without significant expense. By integrating barcode with school ERP has enormous benefits. They can be used for any kind of necessary data collection, tracking, and processing.

Barcodes are extremely versatile. Barcodes promote better decision making. Because data is obtained rapidly and accurately, it is possible to make more informed decisions, better decision making ultimately saves both time and money.



Simplify Tracking with Continued Serial Numbers

Easily Create Quick Custom Labels

Easily Map with Student, Library Books & Inventory

Faster and more accurate data collection

Improved Operating Efficiency

Accurately read encoded information


Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print

Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error

Barcodes provide, less time is spent on the data entry process and follow-up error resolution.

Besides being more accurate than manual data entry, the entry of data using barcodes is much faster

Saves time and cost

Improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency

Inexpensive and user-friendly

Barcodes promote better decision-making