Vehicle Tracking System

When it matters of child safety, parents are more concern than anything else. They are always worried about when will my child’s bus arrive to pick up/drop? Has my child entered into the bus? How is driver’s behavior? Where is my child’s bus right now? Is there any delay on child’s arrival?

At Nirmal Expert Solutions, we understand what child safety is meant to you and so we have designed a great fleet management software for your school. Security and efficiency are what we have targeted for you. Nirmal Expert Solutions fleet management system has an intuitive web interface, to provide you all the answers for your fleet managements like Pick up /drop route, pick up/drop time, traveling duration, driver’s behavior, non-professional vehicle usage and so many others. It also displays real-time information of school bus to parent Nirmal Expert Solutions Mobile App.

Nirmal Expert Solutions offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your school fleet. Nirmal Expert Solutions empowers you to verify your vehicle location at any time from the convenience of a web-based application. Nirmal Expert Solutions Software provides real-time information on the fleet location & activity to improve business performance and customer service.



Specially designed for school fleet tracking & management

Live tracking with trip play back facility

Parent app for pick up and drop notification

Available on all platform

Can track driver’s behavior

Admin dashboard for clear visibility of pick up/drop route, pick up/drop time, bus speed, travelling kilometer, travelling time and unplanned stoppage.

Alert notification on Bust departure, Bus arrival, Bus delay, missed pick up, Missed drop

Generates report on Trip type, Number of student on Pick up drop, Departure, Arrival, Vehicle maximum speed, Travelled kilometer, Travelling time and many more

More detail on Non-professional usage report like planned travel kilometer, Unplanned travel kilometer, planned travel duration, Unplanned travel duration

Report on driver’s performance like vehicle average speed, vehicle maximum speed, and Over speed.



Efficient management of school fleet

Bus speed monitoring

Vehicle performance & driver’s behavior status

Parent app for timely communication for pick up/drop

Bus delay or early arrival notification

Nonprofessional usage measurement

Fleet & driver Performance report

Nonprofessional usage measurement