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Team Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you to India's leading web info highway. Transparency is the Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and in order to fortify our business bond with you we would like to make you more cognizant about our terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

  • All the information provided by you, would be used in accordance to respective laws.
  • The information / data provided by you shall not be shared with any external organization or for any other commercial usage without your written consent. It would be however available to all the divisions / sister concerns / ventures of Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd..
  • In order to facilitate the utilization of the services and maintain the continuity of a visit & help navigation on the site, we make use of temporary cookies.
  • Updating / modification / deletion of your data / information would be done on your written request only.

Payment and Refund Issue


All payments for services at Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have to be made in favour of " Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. " only. All payments would be accepted on only the standard modes set by Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments in any other name (i.e. any other individual or organization name) or via personal Western Union or personal Paypal Accounts for any services rendered by Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. You are informed that under no circumstances will Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. be liable for any damage caused due to your transactions / payments made to / in favour of such fraudulent individuals or organizations. To protect your interests, please contact us immediately if any such fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you.


The payment made towards any of the chosen services is not refundable and no claim for refund would be entertained.

As we at Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. keep up high interactions with our clients and carry out the entire process with their approval thus there is no provision for any kind of full or partial refund.

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled as it is sent for processing immediately. Your personal preferences changed in the course of time, cannot serve a reason for refund or charge back.

If under special consideration in a certain case, Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. decides to refund any amount the services would be stalled. If Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. decides to provide the code / site / template on as is basis, then it would assign 48 hrs for shift of the site, domain etc. All the necessary usernames & passwords for FTP / Domain etc. would be provided for smooth shifting to the service provider or you (if you decide to, though we strongly recommend that you go with a professional service provider).

The company will not provide the content through any other media such as CD, pen drive, movable drives etc. to avoid unwanted complications and technical issues. On provision of this information, you would be with immediate effect solely responsible for the login information as well as content of the sites so provided. Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. would cease to provide any support or entertain queries after this handover.


Warranty and disclaimers excluding provided in a written agreement amid you and Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All the material & services on this site are devoid of any kind of warranty either articulated or oblique but not bound to the obscure warranties of commercial ship or suitability for a scrupulous reason, or the warranty of non-contravention. With no restraining to the prior, Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides no warranty that:


Usage of our services is at your own solitary risk. Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. s not accountable for any data and/or files domiciling on your account. You agree to be responsible for Data transfer, files and maintenance of proper backup of data and files put up on Host Gator servers. We are entitled to take weekly backups of data which have been changed or are new. These backups serve the purpose of server restoration. The clients are solely responsible for taking the backup of the files owned by them which can easily be done with the help of the Backup Manage??, included in each control panel.

CGI SCRIPTS Sharing of scripts with the domains which are not hosted by Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is not allowed. Whichever CGI-scripts supposed to be negatively disturbing performance of our server or network integrity would be subjected to be closed immediately, without prior notice. Use of CGI, has to be followed by a written permission from Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects

For any kind of legal dispute related to Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. would be dealt in only territory of Delhi. All the legal issues are subjected only to pertinent contemporary's laws in force at New Delhi to the jurisdiction of courts located in New Delhi only.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement and any dispute or matter arising from incidental use is governed by the laws of India and the Member and the Company hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi, India. This Agreement, accepted upon use of the Site and further affirmed by becoming a Member of the Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , contains the entire agreement between you and Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. regarding the use of the Site and/or the Service. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

We anticipate that the aforementioned information would enable you to shrewdly use the facilities and services offered by Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and strengthen our business associations as well. With the warmest greetings, Team Nirmal Expert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is all set to assist you to serve with the best possible solutions.